You Can Now Buy Heated Winter Coats In Montreal

Today I was forced to go outside because I needed to take the dog for a walk. (I haven't forgiven him yet.)

After about 3 minutes, the inside of my nose was frozen and my eyeballs were actually starting to hurt. When I came inside I realized this is not suitable weather for human (or dogs) and so I started looking online for solution to survive the winter.

That's when it hit me. Heated coats. 

It's almost 2018, surely someone has invented a coat with a built-in heater by now!

Turns out they did, and I've never been happier. 

There are a bunch of heated winter items out there. Gloves, hats and yes, jackets. Unfortunately you can't really find them in store anywhere. 

Canadian Tire used to sell them but they have been discontinued. 

We did find some at Home Depot but they may not be available in-store, so you might have to order it

Winter is about get a lot more tolerable. 

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