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You Can Now Buy Marijuana Iced Coffee

Caffeine addicted stoners, your prayers have been answered.
You Can Now Buy Marijuana Iced Coffee

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Edible weed? Been there, got couch-locked, ate a whole pie, watched Planet Earth, and came back feeling groggy. Drinkable cannabis, on the other hand, is stoner-territory not yet explored, 'til now, with the release a new line of weed-infused drinks pointedly called "Legal" beverages.

Created by Washington-based edibles company Mirth Provisions, Legal is the brand's way of breaking into the beverage market, while still getting folks a 'lil high. Each drink (according to Telegraph) contains 10mg of liquid cannabis inside, the state limit, enough to get you feeling high, if the Legal product descriptions are to be trusted.

On the Legal lineup of beverages is the Cold Brew coffee drink (giving you a "a powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high") a Lemon Ginger flavour (making for a "A powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high") along with a Sparkling Ranier Cherry, Sparkling Pomegranate, and a Cold Brew with milk and sugar added, each with a different high, of course.

Montrealers love their marijuana, probably as much as they love their coffee, so its a shame Legal's Cold Brew and other beverages are only sold in Washington. It may be worth the trip to the States though, just so you can double fist a joint and a coffee, with both getting you high.

The Cold Brew also looks like the perfect hangover cure. Caffeine to get you going and weed to mellow down your aches and pain, all in an easy to digest liquid form. For hangovers, or, you know, Mondays.

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