Sriracha Ketchup Is Now A Thing You Can Buy

Photo cred - chow

If you live in Montreal, chances are you love Sriracha sauce. Heinz ketchup has noticed the rising popularity of the Hot Sauce and has decided to partner up with them to bring you Sriracha Ketchup (they should call Srirachup).

Heinz has been known to throw in other flavors to spice up their ketchup, in the past they've had jalapeno, balsamic, garlic and even Tabasco flavored ketchup. The new sauce is perfect for cheeseburgers, french fries, ice cream, cereal, pickles, bananas and play-doh. (who are we to say what you should use it for)

We suspect Heinz may be jumping on the Sriracha band-wagon before it's too late. The factory in Los-Angeles that produces the sauce is being threatened after residents have been complaining about the noxious odors coming from the factory (Source). Whatever the reason is, you can't ignore Sriracha's popularity. Could you name another hot sauce that has inspired nearly as many spin-off products? Just to prove we're not making this up, here's a list of 15 Sriracha products you can actually buy.