You Can Now Buy This Nude Painting Of Ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The old PM gets hilariously sexy.
You Can Now Buy This Nude Painting Of Ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Everyone's favourite love-to-hate past Prime Minister, the infamous Stephen Harper, may be gone from office, but not from our collective memory. While a lot of Canadians remember the old PM with a tinge of sadness, regret, and mild anger, you can now (literally) live with a more comical, and nude version of Stephen Harper, as strange as it sounds.

No, the Harp-ster didn't get caught sending dick pics, nor did he take part in some strange naked photo shoot. Rather, you can enjoy an immortalized version of Stephen Harper in the nude thanks to a particularly hilarious piece of art work called the "Emperor Haute Couture," which you can actually buy for your own home.

Painted by Margaret Sutherland three and a half years ago, the painting is inspired by the classic tale The Emperor’s New Clothes, Edouard Manet’s painting "Olympia," and the artists own frustration with Harper's government. When it was released as part of an art salon in May 2012, the painting got some serious backlash (one person filed a human rights complaint) but even more laughs.

Depicting Harper atop a cream-coloured chaise lounge, surrounded by ominous corporate-looking folk, and accompanied by a cute little dog, the painting has been in the ownership of Gatineau's Danielle Potvin, but now she's looking to sell.

Available now on Kijiji, for an asking price of $8, 800, the painting is accompanied by "three binders of press clippings and [a] signature book," as noted in the ad itself. The painting post has already received 4,720views , but no one has claimed the painting yet, meaning you can for yourself.

While having a nude portrait of Stephen Harper is definitely a strange addition to any home, you can't help but imagine how hilarious it will be to actually own. Just think, any time you need to cheer up, you'll have Harper's seductive nude body to give you a chuckle. Plus, it's a great conversation-starter for dinner parties.

Any Montrealer looking to buy the painting will have an easier time than most, since the owner is based in Gatineau, meaning you won't even have to travel that far to obtain the piece. The truly hard part will be justifying a bill of nearly $9, 000 for a nude painting of Stephen Harper, but you definitely have our support.

A nude portrait of Justin Trudeau, now that would be a different story. With a pretty face and an actually decent bod, Justin would be far easier on the eyes without clothes. Um, can we actually have this please Ms. Sutherland?

To buy Margaret Sutherland's Emperor Haute Couture painting, head to the Kijiji posting here. For more background on the piece, check out the original story in the Edmonton Journal here. Oh, and take a good gander below.

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