You Can Now Buy Wine Inside Montreal Metro Stations

Only in Montreal.
You Can Now Buy Wine Inside Montreal Metro Stations

From now until May 22nd 2016, you will be able to buy wine while you wait for the metro in Montreal. It's all in order to promote the SAQ's new app. They have installed virtual stores at Berri-UQAM and Square -Victoria, like you see in the cover photo above.

The shops are "virtual," so you can't physically pick  up your poison there, but the process is quite simple.  You just need to open the app on your cell and scan over what bottle of wine you want to buy on the on the wall.

To retrieve your bottle(s) you'll have to go into an SAQ of your choosing.  All in all it is a good way to avoid the late-night lines and weekend rushes at the SAQ, as well as "window" shop for brands you may want to try out.

The SAQ also announced that it will extend the opening hours of 270 stores across Quebec until 10pm on weekdays and until 6pm on weekends.

Tensions have been running high in Quebec as the province contends with the latest COVID-19 wave. And at an SAQ on Thursday, it apparently came to blows.

"At 6:00 p.m., there was a 9-1-1 call made for a conflict between a customer and an employee in a store location on Pie-IX Boulevard," said Caroline Chevrefils, a spokesperson representing the Montreal police.

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SAQ & SQDC Customers Will Soon Need Vaccinations To Enter — But Staff Won't

SAQ employees will need to show proof of vaccination if they want to make in-store purchases, though.

As of January 18, entry into the provincial liquor and cannabis stores, the SAQ and the SQDC, will require vaccine passports.

Health Minister Christian Dubé announced this news during a recent press conference on January 6, saying, "I hope this will be an additional incentive for some to go get their first dose."

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It seems money motivates. On the day that the premier announced an anti-vax tax, Quebec saw a spike in first vaccine dose appointments, according to Health Minister Christian Dubé.

In a Wednesday morning tweet, the minister said 5,000 people made appointments on January 10 and 7,000 made appointments on January 11, the day of the announcement — "the highest number in several days," he noted.

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Reminder That SAQ & SQDC Products Can Be Delivered — Here's How It Works

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The announcement that Quebec would start requiring vaccine passports at SAQ and SQDC locations has sparked conversations around access to legal pot and booze in the province.

Quebecers can actually order alcohol and cannabis from the Société des alcools du Québec and Société québécoise du cannabis and get it delivered right to their doorstep. Added bonuses? No waiting in line, no venturing out in the cold weather, no chance of encountering potentially aggressive crowds and a significantly lower chance of catching or spreading COVID-19.

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