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You Can Now Date Actual Celebrities On Tinder

Just like Twitter, Tinder is introducing verified accounts.
You Can Now Date Actual Celebrities On Tinder

Imagine you're sitting at home watching a movie. You're bored, so you pull your phone out and start browsing Tinder. You swipe through a few randoms and HOLY SHIT, is that Macaulay Culkin?! Well if you see a little blue check mark next to his name then yes, that means its really Macaulay Culkin.

Tinder announced on their blog that they are introducing verified celebrity accounts since many celebrities already use the popular dating app. There's over  26,000,000 matches on Tinder every day and they want to insure that those matches are made with real profiles. So the next time you come across a celebrity, ANY celebrity, for fvcks sake swipe right. Just to see if you have a chance. Yes, even if it's Macaulay Culkin.


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