You Can Now Date Actual Celebrities On Tinder

Just like Twitter, Tinder is introducing verified accounts.
You Can Now Date Actual Celebrities On Tinder

Imagine you're sitting at home watching a movie. You're bored, so you pull your phone out and start browsing Tinder. You swipe through a few randoms and HOLY SHIT, is that Macaulay Culkin?! Well if you see a little blue check mark next to his name then yes, that means its really Macaulay Culkin.

Tinder announced on their blog that they are introducing verified celebrity accounts since many celebrities already use the popular dating app. There's over  26,000,000 matches on Tinder every day and they want to insure that those matches are made with real profiles. So the next time you come across a celebrity, ANY celebrity, for fvcks sake swipe right. Just to see if you have a chance. Yes, even if it's Macaulay Culkin.


A New Report Found Racism & Sexist Policies At English Schools In Montreal

LBPSB's task force has issued over 100 recommendations to address these issues.

An extensive report on one of Montreal's largest English-language school boards found acts of racism, sexism, homophobia, and barriers to education for marginalized students within its schools.

Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB)'s Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion issued over 100 recommendations in the final report, which was created after two students at John Rennie High School were seen wearing blackface and using racist language last year.

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If you're tired of swiping aimlessly on Tinder for hours, mark June 17 on your calendar. This is when the new dating app Teleport will be launching in Montreal.

Teleport is ready to revolutionize the way you online date and build connections by setting you up with five-minute video chats with people that share similar interests as you.

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Eligible Quebecers Can Now Find & Book COVID-19 Vaccines Using Their Transit Apps

Plan your bus route and vaccine appointment at the same time.

As Quebec's COVID-19 vaccine rollout opens to all adults 18+ over the course of the next week and a half, you may be looking for the easiest way to book your vaccine appointment — and if you already use the Transit app, why not start there?

Thanks to a new integration, you can actually find vaccination centres as well as find and book vaccine appointments without leaving the Transit app. Yes, the same app that helps you plan trips on the STM and tells you when the next bus is coming. 

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Hinge Revealed Montreal Users' Top Pet Peeves When It Comes To Dating

73% of Montreal Hinge users continued to date throughout COVID-19.

Dating is hard enough when you're not in the middle of a pandemic. According to dating app Hinge, 73% of its Montreal users are trudging along, continuing to date throughout COVID-19.

We asked Hinge for advice to help Montrealers who are currently doing the whole online dating thing — and they hooked us up with a list of Montreal Hinge users' biggest dating pet peeves... so you'll probably want to avoid these things.

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