You Can Now Eat "Churro Cones" In Montreal

Crispy, creamy goodness.
You Can Now Eat "Churro Cones" In Montreal

Guys, I don't know about you, but for me, there's nothing on this earth like choming down on a delicious ice cream.

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Except, maybe, when the delicious ice cream is stuffed into something even tastier. Like a cone legit made of churros, for example.

Churros are pretty much the tastiest fried dessert out there, so it only makes sense you'd fill it with ice cream. And one Montreal spot has answered all of our churro cone prayers, friends.

Le P'tit Creux Du Plateau (233 Pins Ave E) is offering up delicious ice cream creations, stuffed into even more delicious churro cones.

via @chefptitcreux

Hilariously called the Papi Churro, you can get these cones starting May 6 and 7 for $5. 

Sounds like the most awesome thing ever? Then check out Le P'tit Creux Du Plateau's Facebook page for more information.