You Can Now Eat “Coconut Ash” Ice Cream In Montreal

The newest food trend to hit the city.
You Can Now Eat “Coconut Ash” Ice Cream In Montreal

Recently, I've been seeing videos all over Facebook about one particular ice cream treat that looks highkey delicious.

The jet black, super melty delight is made from coconut ash, and looks as beautiful as it does tasty. And, if you've had this treat in your sights as well, then I've got some amazing news for you.

Ca Lem Creamery (6926 Rue Sherbrooke O), an ice cream shop in Montreal's NDG, now sells a black sesame/coconut ash ice cream flavour.

Meaning, of course, that you can enjoy this popular and trendy dessert right here, in Montreal. Sounds awesome? You know it.

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For more information on your new fave ice cream, check out Ca Lem's Facebook page.

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