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You Can Now Eat "Pastry Cones" In Montreal

A whole new level of awesome in and around your mouth.

Friends, a little while ago we told you all about the miracle that is the donut ice cream cone.

Up until now, all we could do was dream about trying these awesome treats (or, if you're not a disaster in the kitchen, like some of us, attempt to actually make these tasty delights) - but not anymore, guys. Not anymore.

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La Diperie (68 Ave des Pins E), one of Montreal's most popular ice cream shop, is now carrying their own version of the super popular donut cone but in "pastry cone" form.

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Called a warm pastry cone, this flaky, tasty morsel of awesome is warmed, filled with melted chocolate and cold ice cream, and then dipped in your fave toppings. So it's just like a regular ice cream from La Diperie, except on a whole new level of amazing.

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Check out the video of the warm pastry cone below:

If this sounds like your new summer fave, check out La Diperie's Facebook for more information.

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