You Can Now Eat "Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches" in Montreal

Donut worry, be happy!
You Can Now Eat "Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches" in Montreal

As a dessert-enthusiast I'm always searching for the next amazing dessert trend. This summer it's all about donuts and ice cream, and every combo you can think of between them. First it was the mind-blowing donut cones, and now it's donut ice cream sandwiches!

I'm sure you've seen these treats plastered all over Instagram and other social media sites and I know you've been wondering where you can enjoy one of these tasty treats for yourself. I'm extremely happy to announce that you can now enjoy a donut ice cream sandwich in Montreal right now!

A perfect combo of sugary donut and refreshing soft serve ice cream makes this the most delectable summer treat.

Check it! Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich.. Enough said! Now available!!! ??☀️? Maintenant disponible un sandwich à la crème glacée!

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You can find these donut ice cream sandwiches at Léché Desserts located at 640 Rue de Courcelle in Saint Henri. A bonus is that Léché Desserts uses their vegan donuts to create this sugary snack!

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They don't have to be made with just glazed donuts either, choose a chocolate donut or any other type available without a filling and you've got yourself a personalized donut ice cream sandwich!

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We are always making fresh new tasty treats ;) come try our strawberry shortcake!! #donuts #mtldonuts #southwestlove #donutlove

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These morsels of goodness are available all summer so don't miss out! Check out their Facebook page for more information.