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You Can Now Fly From Montreal To California For $373 Round Trip

California dreamin'
You Can Now Fly From Montreal To California For $373 Round Trip

Who doesn't fantasize about living the famous California Dream ? (Cue Katy Perry) The West Coast (Cue Lana del Rey), the surfing, the paradisal countryside, the ocean, and the celebrities. I don't know if it's just me who idealizes California because of my obsession with the series The OC , but it's seriously on my bucket list.

I don't know about you, but as my bucket list continues to grow my wallet fails to follow...

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Because I spend a little too much time thinking about my next vacations, I came across a crazy deal that you would be crazy not to consider: a $373 round-trip to San Diego in Southern California this summer. That's definitely worth foregoing my thrice-weekly visits to the bar terrasses on St-Laurent for one month.

Seriously, $373 for all this is unreal:

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This unreal deal is available between August 28th and September 12th. You can find it here . If you want to leave a little earlier, there's a flight for $384 that departs August 9th and another $458 flight that takes off July 11th .

There's another autumn flight that caught my attention. This deal offers an escape to Los Angeles. Combined with the San Diego flight deal, this could present an ideal option to those who dream of exploring the West Coast: fly to Los Angeles on October 23rd and journey down the gold coast for two weeks before catching the flight back from San Diego on November 6th. Tempting no?

Via Flight Hub

I just might not come back...

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