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You Can Now Fly From Montreal To Cancun For $250 Round Trip

Escape this hell-hole.
You Can Now Fly From Montreal To Cancun For $250 Round Trip

The snow in Montreal just won't stop! Honestly, it's pretty infuriating. Mother nature must like playing with our emotions, because with every sunny day, I keep thinking that Spring has finally arrived. And then it freaking snows again. 

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I go to sleep dreaming of warm weather. I just want to get out of here. But wait, we can! And for really cheap (thank goodness).

You can now fly round-trip to Cancun for $249! 

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Yulair just released a whole bunch of dates on which you can fly to Cancun for under $300, from April to October 2018 and 5 of them are priced at only $249.

I can't think of a better way to escape the cold, then to literally escape it. Get on a place and get your butts to the beach.

The weather in Cancun, Mexico is fluctuating in and around 30 degrees Celcius! Keep track of the weather so you can pick the best time to go!

Check out all the options here!


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