You Can Now Fly From Montreal To Toronto For Only $74

Flying to the 6ix has never been so affordable!
You Can Now Fly From Montreal To Toronto For Only $74

Here at MTL blog, you know we love to deliver the best possible flight deals as soon as we find them. Yesterday alone we shared two awesome deals with you, the first being a $104 flight from Toronto to Montreal with Air Canada.

The second was a price alert for an Air Transat flight that was only $67 from Toronto to Montreal. 

And that Air Transat flight really had us thinking... are there more days that have ridiculously low prices between Toronto and Montreal? Turns out the answer is YES.

On AirTransat's domestic flight deals page, there are several days that have one-way flights as low as $74 when travelling from Montreal to Toronto.

Because, who doesn't want to go and visit Toronto this July?!

[rebelmouse-image 26892344 photo_credit="Air Transat" expand=1 original_size="332x160"] Air Transat

[rebelmouse-image 26892345 photo_credit="Air Transat" expand=1 original_size="333x161"] Air Transat

Above are screengrabs of the days that are marked as low as $74 for the one-way ticket from Montreal to Toronto.

The $67 flight from Toronto to Montreal still stands, too, for dates in June, July and August. So if that's the direction you're headed, Air Transat is still ready to deliver.

To take in all the domestic flight deals that Air Transat has to offer this summer, head to their domestic flight deals page here.

And if you're wondering what to do in Toronto when you get there, head to Narcity Canada's Toronto page to take in all the best of Toronto's things to do, eat and drink.

Toronto really is our sister city here in Montreal, even if they are a 5-hour drive away. But with these flight deals, Toronto has become a mere one-hour non-stop flight away.

If you don't have plans for the dates shown above, what are you waiting for? You might as well plan a little Canada-based vacay and make the most of these amazing prices.

Head to Air Transat for all the information and to check out the other domestic flights they have deals on right now.

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