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You Can Now Fly Montreal To Belgium For Under $500

Waffles, fries, and beer!
You Can Now Fly Montreal To Belgium For Under $500

Springtime may be here, but it definitely does not look like spring out there. 

It's the weird time of the year where nature seems to have a hard time making up its mind. So why not just ditch Montreal's bizarre weather and go explore another part of the world instead. 

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And if there's one place where you'll feel right at home as a it's Brussels. They got sprouts (Score!), Everyone speaks French so you won't have a hard  time getting around. Plus it's the land of waffles, fries and beer, so you can't go wrong. 

Right now there are 2 deals you can take advantage of:


You can fly WOW air for 529.99

Click here for more info


Or if you plan on coming back (crazy right?) you might want to check out this round trip flight from YUL Air for only $570. 

Click here for more info

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