You Can Now Fly Montreal To Berlin For $89

A super fun Euro trip awaits.
You Can Now Fly Montreal To Berlin For $89

Friends, how many of you have the legit life goal of getting yourselves to Berlin? If your hand isn't in the air right now, it really should be; Berlin is highkey awesome.

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There's a whole lot of culture, beauty, and fun to be had in Berlin, and if this spot has always been your dream destination, then I've got some awesome news for you.

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You can now fly to Berlin from Montreal for $89 through WOW Air. The $89 fare is valid certain days in April until June, and then again from September until November. 

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The fare is part of WOW Air's Basic package, and is a one-way ticket with an included stopover in Iceland.

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Depending on the date you choose, return tickets can be as low as $289, making the entire trip roughly $380 (not including the taxes).

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Sounds like the best trip you could take, ever? Then check out WOW Air's website for more information.