You Can Now Fly Montreal To China For $599 Round Trip

Hurry, the sale ends this week!
You Can Now Fly Montreal To China For $599 Round Trip

All summer long there have been some pretty incredible deals on flights from Air Canada. They might as well be handing out plane tickets because prices lately have been ridiculously cheap!

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Usually as summer comes to a close, so does most of the cheap air fare. Winter is infamous for painfully long wait times at the airport, delayed flights, tons of mix ups, and of course inflated pricing. So if you're planning on doing any travelling, now is better than later.

Luckily, there just so happens to be such an amazing incentive to travel that you won't even want to waste any time catching the earliest flight. It really is that good!

This week only Air Canada has an incredible deal on flights to Shanghai and Beijing! You may want to book soon though, the deal is only on until August 23.

A round-trip from Toronto to Shanghai comes in at $593, which is seriously unbelievable. Chances are you won't be seeing a deal like this again anytime soon, so you may want to find a reason to travel to China before the year is over. 

For the record, there are tons of reasons to take a spontaneous trip to China. From the diverse and unique cultural dishes, to the historical villages and major cities, add in the cheap flight you can get and China is starting to sound like the place you gotta be!

If Air Canada's deal has finally convinced you to live your wildest dreams and travel to a country everyone wishes they could go to, click HERE. 

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