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You Can Now Fly Montreal To Hawaii For $530 Return Trip

Friends, I don't think I'm alone in saying that Hawaii is all the vacation goals.

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Like, turquoise waters, gorgeous sands, an amazing culture, awesome food, fun things to do and see... I mean, sold. Sold AF. 

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And if your vacation goals also include eating an authentic bowl of poke by a beach, then have I got some news for you.

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Flytrippers has a deal going on right now where you can fly to Hawaii from Montreal, and back again, for $530.

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You've gotta fly out between August 29 - September 19 for this deal to work, but dates between August and November vary from $531-$597. In other words, there's not a whole lot of difference. 

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Also in other words, all of your vacation goals are about to come very, very true. Happy flying, friends. Happy flying.

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For more information, check out Flystoppers' website right here.

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