You Can Now Fly Montreal To Paris For $250

Visiting the world's most romantic city has never been cheaper.

Okay, raise your hand if your goal in life is to get yourself TF to Paris. Is your hand raised? Good. It should be, because honestly, Paris is above and beyond awesome.

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If you've always wanted to get yourself to this hub of culture, but are constantly travelblocked by the price, have I got some good news for you: you can now fly to Paris from Montreal for $250.

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WOW Air is offering a $250 flight to Paris on certain days in January until at least March, according to the calendar on their website, so if you can't just pack up and go, you've still got some time to plan yourself a trip.

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This isn't a round trip, though: a ticket from Paris back to Montreal will cost you about $275 depending on when you choose to leave. Both the trips to and from include a stopover in Iceland.

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Which makes tickets to Paris a grand total of about $524... pretty awesome, considering Paris is everyone's travel goals and typically way more expensive to get to.

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For more information, check out WOW Air's website right here.

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