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You Can Now Fly Round-Trip From Montreal To Hawaii For $400

Aloha paradise!
You Can Now Fly Round-Trip From Montreal To Hawaii For $400

The isolated yet stunning U.S state of Hawaii is a cluster of islands - referred to as an archipelago - in the central Pacific ocean.

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Hawaii's capital city Honolulu is located on the largest island of Oahu. With a population of 402,500, it's not a huge city but is definitely bustling.

Outside of its urban areas, Hawaii is known for its rugged nature, tropical climate, unique sandy beaches boasting beautiful red, black, white, and even green sand. Basically, Hawaii is a unique paradise you have to visit at least once in you're life.

The good news, major deals on flights to Hawaii are happening now, and throughout the rest of 2018 and into 2019.

From Mai 2018 - March 2019 you can fly with Air Canada Round trip for as little as $400.  Considering that the duration of the flight is approximately 12-hours, this is a crazy good deal for flying half-way across the globe.

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That said, a trip to Hawaii will take you on a journey to another planet. Also known for being a honeymooners paradise, for good reason, though - Hawaii is definitely a romantic destination for anyone looking to get away with bae.

So - if you're planning on taking a beach vacation in the next 6-months, and you're not sure where to go, consider hopping on this insane deal while it lasts!

For more information on getting your hands on this deal, click HERE.

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