You Can Now Fly To Brazil From Montreal For $350

Escape the snow!!!
You Can Now Fly To Brazil From Montreal For $350

American Airlines is bringing out the big guns to get your business. This morning, I found an AMAZING deal to fly to Rio de Janeiro from Montreal in January 2016 for a little over $350! How freaking awesome is this?

This deal hits the spot so right given our weather conditions today. It's snowy, gloomy, it's grey outside, and chances are you haven't gotten around to doing these things yet either. So perfect timing, American Airlines! Thank you!

You'll finally get to see Christ The Redeemer, Rio's iconic landmark.

You probably heard of Ipanema Beach from a famous bossa nova song "The Girl From Ipanema". This beach has been a popular tourist attraction since 1960. Guess what? You can actually tan and sip on caipirinhas (Brazilian mojitos) on that beach while the rest of Montrealers are freezing and hating winter. Winning!

Dance the night away with Brazilians to the rhythms of samba! They really know how to have a good time. In other words, Brazil is so hot right now.

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