You Can Now Fly To Iceland From Montreal And Toronto For Only $99

Hurry! Seats for flights to Reykjavik are limited.
You Can Now Fly To Iceland From Montreal And Toronto For Only $99

If you've ever planned an international vacation then you already know how expensive flights can be. Seriously, it can ruin the entire experience because all you're thinking about is how much money you just spent to sit in economy for multiple grueling hours! Which is why whenever flight prices drop, you'll want to grab tickets ASAP. Not only will you feel great about getting such an amazing deal, but all that money you saved can be spent in whatever city you're travelling to.

If your next dream destination happened to be Iceland, the wait is over. Chances are you could probably afford a flight to Reykjavik right now due to WOW air's ridiculously cheap prices. Whether you're flying from Toronto or Montreal, tickets are on sale now for only $99!

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TL;DR For the months of March, April, and May WOW air is offering flights from Montreal or Toronto to Reykjavik, Iceland for only $99. Seats are limited, so you'll want to purchase tickets ASAP. More details below.

This is the perfect excuse to do some spending while still staying way under budget on what this kind of flight would normally cost. For only $99 you can witness the stunning city of Reykjavik in all of its glory, spend your day at an Icelandic spa (like the famous Blue Lagoon), grab a latte at a charming little café and end your day watching the northern lights!

Seriously, your dream vacation has never been more possible.

The sale prices are applicable on flights leaving Montreal and Toronto during the months of March, April, and May. After that, prices nearly double. You'll definitely want to book your flight ASAP as there's no doubt seats will be sold out quickly.

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This is the perfect excuse to escape Canada's rainy season in exchange for a booming art and music scene, one of the best cities for nightlife, and, of course, the chance to meet and become friends with Icelandic locals. There's no reason to pass on this super rare opportunity, so what are you waiting for?!

To book your flight to Reykjavik and find more information on WOW air flights, click HERE.

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