You Can Now Fly To Iceland From Toronto And Montreal For Only $130

The perfect holiday getaway!
You Can Now Fly To Iceland From Toronto And Montreal For Only $130

It's no secret that international flights can be way over budget. So expensive that all you can do is stare at photos of your dream destination and imagine the day when you finally have enough money to book a plane ticket and see it in real life.

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TL;DR This October and November, flights to Reykjavik from Toronto and Montreal are only $130 with WOW air. This is your only opportunity to take advantage of the cheap tickets, as prices only skyrocket afterwards.

Then there are those of us that check flight prices everyday and scavenge for the best deal. It can be a pretty big hassle and typically you're left empty-handed.

Except today. Yes, you've finally found the deal you've been looking for.

For those who have dreamt of travelling to Iceland someday, you're in luck. Tickets are on sale now with WOW air for only $130!

The cheap fare is available on flights from Montreal or Toronto to Reykjavik. Now you finally get the opportunity to witness the stunning city in all it's glory, go to an Icelandic spa, relax at one of the many charming cafés and finish the day by going on a northern lights tour. Your dream vacation is just waiting to be planned!

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The super cheap flight prices last for the entire month of October, but you may want to book fast as seats will be taken quickly.

Luckily, you can still take advantage of this deal next month, but afterwards prices only begin to skyrocket.

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This is the perfect excuse to finally travel for this year's holiday season! Seriously, with all the fun seasonal festivities and events across Iceland you'll never want to come back.

To take advtanage of this amazing deal with WOW air, click HERE.

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