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You Can Now Get 10L Sangria Pitchers In Montreal

Forget about beer!
You Can Now Get 10L Sangria Pitchers In Montreal

You know when you go to a bar and you see a big group of friends ordering 10L of beer, you turn to your BFF  and say "damn if that was filled with sangria I'd order 3 and we'd get LIT AF". Well, I have some news for you... all your sangria dreams are about to come true because this Montreal bar now offers 10L pitchers of sangria🍹. 

via @laptitegrenouillemtl

CAN I HEAR AN AMEN? I have never, ever, EVER been more excited for sangria before in my life. No more buying 3 pitchers to split among your BFFs. No more spending 15 dollars on ONE glass of sangria that you try to savor for the whole night. THAT ALL ENDS HERE🍹.

via @jessicalabre

Thanks to La P'tite Grenouille de Montréal ( located on 3435 Boul St-Laurent), we can all quench our thirsts this summer with a legit 'swimming pool of sangria' that you can order all summer. They offer 4 different flavors that include Tequila, Captain Morgan, Palm Bay, and Jack Daniels🍹. 

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