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You Can Now Get 74 Drinks For Only $40 In Montreal

Challenge accepted!
You Can Now Get 74 Drinks For Only $40 In Montreal

Montreal has so many great places to grab a drink, you might just go broke if you actually attempted to try them all out. 

Luckily there is a very special event that allows to try out a ton of Montreal's amazing microbreweries for one low price. 

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It's called Le Passeport des Microbrasseries and you can order yours today!

The passport grants you access to 74 different beer tastings for only $40. And if you. And if you and your friends buy 3 passports, you get a 4th one for free

The tastings will take place at 19 locations in and around Montreal, and your passport is valid until May 31 2018.

Click here for more info or to order your passport today

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