You Can Now Get A "Cadburry Mini Egg Pizza" In Montreal

Marshmallows, crispy flakes, and yes - mini eggs.
You Can Now Get A "Cadburry Mini Egg Pizza" In Montreal

Easter just wouldn't be easter without chocolate. In every shape and form possible, chocolate treats are a staple of the holiday.

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Quebec-chain of "Chocolate bar" and ice cream shop Chocolato has pushed the boundaries of the chocolate world for this very special occasion, and are making a chocolate pizza for us to enjoy. Yes, chocolate pizza.  

They boast that their chocolate pizza is "An amalgam of milk chocolate, marshmallows, crispy flakes and caramel, topped with seasonal-colored chocolate, sprinkles and mini-eggs" for those who love chocolate, this all may be too much too handle.

Good thing the pizza will come in three formats - mini, 8, or 10 inches. All served-up in a cute pizza box. Show up to your S/O Easter family dinner with this in your hands, and you'll be automatically accepted into the family with open arms.

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Available at any of their Quebec-wide locations. For more info, here is their Facebook page

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