You Can Now Get A Mirror Nail Manicure In Montreal

Shine bright like your chrome mani.
You Can Now Get A Mirror Nail Manicure In Montreal

Confession time: I am obsessed with nails. Getting my nails done is pretty much the highlight of my day/week/month, and although I prefer to keep my own nails as basic as possible, I'm constantly looking up brand new nail trends (and lowkey hoping that one day I'll get the courage to actually test them out for myself).

One such current and gorgeous nail trend? Mirror nails. Friends, mirror nails - or chrome nails - are pretty much the most gorgeous things I've ever seen.

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It's basically a gel manicure, except your nail technician expertly slaps a chrome powder onto the nail, seals it, and voila. Legit beauty, right on your nails.

And if you're looking for a place to get this done right here in the city, then look no further.

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Montreal's Paloooza Nails (3648 Boul St-Laurent) has been doing chrome/mirror nails for a little while now, so if you're looking to get your nails to shine as bright as your future, you know where you've got to go.

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Sounds like the perfect way to get your nails on fleek? Check out Paloooza Nail's Facebook page for more information.

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