You Can Now Get "Avocado Donuts" In Montreal

"Donut" knock em' til you try em'.
You Can Now Get "Avocado Donuts" In Montreal

Who loves donuts? Everyone. Who loves avocados? Everyone. Who loves avocado donuts? Hmm, we'll have to wait for an answer on that one.

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Montreal-based company DoughNats is known for their tantalizing flavors, and vegan donuts. For this season, they've rolled out something new: avocado donuts. And they look scrumptious.

Via DoughNats

Brought to you by Nathalie Kaspy-Shtern, the chef behind DoughNats (I see what you did there with the title), these treats are sure to catch your eye and your tongue. 

Fun fact, Ms. Kaspy-Shtern actually has 3 university degrees. But her true passion is, of course, cooking. She has a degree in culinary arts from LaSalle College and interned at the Ritz Carlton. 

Her donuts are slightly smaller than the traditional donut to make you feel like you're not really binging on sugar, but then again, smaller means you can just eat more. She believes in using fresh and high-quality ingredients, so you know your donuts won't taste processed. 

You can find her products at all of these Montreal locations.

Don't worry, these donuts aren't actually made with real avocado. I mean, don't take my word for it, but I don't think the flavors would mix very well. Then again, I'd also be 100% down to try one.

Check out their website!


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