You Can Now Get "Brunch Mac & Cheese" At This Montreal Restaurant

Hold the frikken phone! Mac 'n Cheese for brunch?  Yes. I'm not jokingIt's a real thing, and I got the photos to prove it.

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Let me take you to little Plateau Mont-Royal spot called ParadisBBQ. It's located on St-Hubert street, just a hop skip and a jump away from Mont-Royal Metro and Parc Lafontaine. 

This cozy little joint is whipping up some seriously comforting and decadent belly-busting foods that make me insta-drool. 

The one item that really caught my eye though was the brunch Mac 'n Cheese Firstly because Mac 'n Cheese is my #1 guilty-pleasure indulgent meal and I am always on the look-out for a great plate of noodles swimming in gooey cheese. 

The one served-up by the chefs at Paradis BBQ is served with greens on top and a cooked-to-perfection fried egg.  If you put an egg on anything it's acceptable to eat at brunch, right?

They also serve some insanely delicious BBQ and comfort-food inspired items like ribs, roasted and fried chicken, cornbread, hot chicken sandwiches, and homemade choco chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.  

This all looks too good to be true and served in an intimate and cozy space that also has a great wine menu and refreshingly delicious and boozy craft cocktails.  Well, I'm sold. 

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If this looks irresistible to you check out Paradis BBQ's facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE for more pics!

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