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You Can Now Get "Candy Land" Milkshakes In Montreal

All your childhood dreams are coming true!
You Can Now Get "Candy Land" Milkshakes In Montreal

Montreal is sure known for their insane desserts like their fried Oreos, but nothing truly compare to this Candy Land milkshake! Not only is it making your mouth water, but it is also making all your childhood dreams come true. 

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I remember Candy Land as a kid and thinking about well crazy candy obviously, but I never thought in my wildest dreams that something even remotely close to what I had imagined would come true! However, now it has and it is available right her in MTL!

via @notreburgergourmet

You can get these insane milkshakes at Notre Burger Gourmet located on 5460 Chemin De La Côte-des-Neiges just minutes away from Côte-des-Neiges metro. Obviously they will make you a fabulous gourmet burger, but I suggest pairing it with their magical candy milkshake to make for a food epiphany. 

via @notreburgergourmet

The Candy Land Milkshake includes brownies, smarties, oreos, rainbow gummies and much more that your heart desires. Afterwards, you will probably end up in a sugar-coma but trust me, it is 514% worth it!

via @notreburgergourmet

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