This Montreal Caribbean-Style Brunch Looks Insanely Delicious

Rum on a Sunday, yes please.
This Montreal Caribbean-Style Brunch Looks Insanely Delicious

Carribean food is slowly but surely gaining a presence in the Montreal food scene.  With places like Local Jerk, Llyodies, and Marche Meli-Melo expanding - island flavors are finally making their mark. 

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Montreal has a rich Carribean community and it's about time that our restaurants and food reflects that.

Also, Caribbean food is insanely delicious, wholesome, and healthy. It's basically the ultimate comfort food. With a generous serving of flavourful rice, rich starchy veggies such as plantanes, potatoes, and corn - island cuisine can fix you right up after a wild night out as much as sooth your spirits after a long week of work.

A Village spot called Resto Palme is here to bring us the ultimate Carribean experience. Serving-up "brunch with a vibe".  What does that mean? Well, it means not only does brunch come with a live DJ playing a steady rotation of smooth melodies, but also Caribbean-driven menu items.

Their brunch menu includes some mouth-watering Montreal brunch takes on Carribean classics such as Spicy Jerk Potatoes, scrambled eggs with plantain and cornbread, ackee and salted fish with brioche, and the very popular benedict egg crab cake.

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If that list of items wasn't enough to convince you, they serve the most delicious looking cocktails all day. This is definitely a spot that needs to be added to the brunch rotation. 

For more info, check out their Facebook page here.

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