You Can Now Get "Churro Cone" Ice Cream In Montreal

Two tasty dishes combine to make one awesome dessert.
You Can Now Get "Churro Cone" Ice Cream In Montreal

Well, guys, it's finally time. The moment we've been waiting weeks - nay, months - for. Spring has ifnally arrived in Montreal.

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And with Springtime comes a whole bunch of amazing, fun things. Like terrasses, sangria, and (of course) ice cream! 

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If you enjoy ice cream (who doesn't), then I've got some great news for you. One Montreal ice cream spot is here to make all of your frozen dreams come true, friends.

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Le Blueboy (150 Mont-Royal Ave E), creator of the churro sundae, has created the ultimate churro/ice cream combination... yet again.

Their newest ice cream and churro blend? The churro-cup sundae. Which is basically the best ice cream sunday you've ever tasted, served up into a cone made out of the world's greatest pastry. AKA, the churro.

via @le_blueboy

Happy ice creaming, friends. Happy ice creaming.

Sounds like the tastiest thing ever? Then check out Le Blueboy's Facebook page for more information.

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