You Can Now Get "Coffee Ice Cream Floats" In Montreal

The sweetest way to get your caffeine fix.
You Can Now Get "Coffee Ice Cream Floats" In Montreal

All summer long Montreal has had some insane ice cream trends from massive milkshakes to crazy ice cream sandwiches to black ice cream and everything in between! 

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But the insane ice cream trends don't stop there! This Montreal cafe does some of the coolest things with their ice cream and coffee. They're home to the cookie dough ice cream sandwich and now they've created something else that's going to blow your minds! 

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They've made a coffee ice cream float and it looks sooo delicious! All they do is make a huge swirl with their deliciously creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream and then top it with their cold brew coffee for a super sweet treat!

You can even choose to enjoy your float with their chocolate soft serve or their vanilla/chocolate swirl soft serve! 

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This amazing summer treat is available at Noble Cafe in Montreal's Mile End area. It's definitely something you've got to try before the summer ends! 

Enjoy the perfect blend of creamy soft serve mixed with perfectly brewed coffee. It's the sweetest way to get your caffeine kick after a long work day! 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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