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You Can Now Get "Cookie Dough Cones" In Montreal

A sweet and unique treat.
You Can Now Get "Cookie Dough Cones" In Montreal

Alright, guys, confession time: I hate cookies. Don't judge me, but I only like, like 3 types of cookies and the rest are just these crumbly, dry disks of disappointment. 

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Unless we've got some raw cookie dough involved, that is. Raw cookie dough is my ultimate bae forever, and until now, I've been under the impression that you need to get down to New York to enjoy a cone of the world's greatest dessert.

But thanks to one Montreal dessert shop, we can now get a cone full of delicious cookie dough right here in the city.

D Liche Cupcakes (3964 St Denis St) is bringing cookie dough cones to Montreal, which means you can enjoy sweet, raw dough, right in the comfort of our own city!

Sounds like the best thing ever? You know it! Check out D Liche Cupcakes on Facebook for more information.

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