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You Can Now Get "Croissant Muffins" In Montreal

Flakier than your ex.
You Can Now Get "Croissant Muffins" In Montreal

Ah, croissants. The quintessential French continental breakfast food. A whirlwind of thinly stacked layers of fluffy, crispy, and buttery pastry dough, best served warm with a side of butter and jam.

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Montreal is a great place to live if you a are a croissant-lover.  We have a TON of wonderful authentic French bakeries that serve-up traditional croissants in their purest form. 

Considering that the croissant is perfect as it is, we rarely find pastry chefs that dare to re-invent the classic. As the old saying goes: don't fix it if it's not broken.

However, there are some more daring patissiers that are willing to go where no baker has gone before, and redefine traditional French recipes. 

A cozy Montreal bakery just came across our radar and is doing just that. Croissant Croissant located on Mont-Royal East has remolded the classic French pastry in a way we never have seen before.

Choosing to play and experiment with the shape of the croissant - rather than with ingredients andflavor - this bakery has created a unique pastry dubbed the "Croissant Muffin", and it's exactly what it sounds like.  

All the taste, flakiness, and fluff-factor you expect from a croissant, but shaped like a muffin. 

It's great to see talented pastry chefs get playful and experiment with traditional recipes, injecting their own unique touches into their creations.

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This pastry shop has all kinds of other classic and re-invented classic pastries available and they all look insanely delicious. Make sure to pop in for a treat this summer!

If you want to know more about how to get your hands on these Croissant Muffins visit Croissant Croissant Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE.

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