You Can Now Get "Donut Poutine" In Montreal

Yes, this actually exists!
You Can Now Get "Donut Poutine" In Montreal

Just when you thought you had seen every kind of poutine imaginable, someone in Montreal decides to up the ante. 

There's poutine pizzas, poutine burritos, poutine nuggets, poutine burgers, and even poutine tordanoes

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Hell, we even had poutine donuts at one point! So naturally someone decided to create the opposite: The Donut Poutine!

via @bouleboulemtl

Yup, these are actual donut holes covered with cheese curds and REAL gravy, so don't expect a "dessert style poutine" with marshmallow cheese and caramel sauce.

The dish is called "Boule Boule Quebecoise" and you can find it at Boule Boule located  at 1678 Mont-Royal Ave E


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