You Can Now Get 'Drinkable Cotton Candy' In Montreal

Quench your sweet tooth!
You Can Now Get 'Drinkable Cotton Candy' In Montreal

If you happen to just ADORE cotton candy, then you probably have a big sweet tooth that can be quenched with this insane smoothie! It is referred to as drinkable cotton candy and can be bought right here in Montreal. It's sweet, yummy, and 514% delicious. 

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I first came across the drinkable cotton candy on Instagram and I was sure that it was a one time deal, but to my surprise you can get it ALL year round at Chocolats Favoris! So, you don't need to go to a fair to get cotton candy, you can just drink it up right here in Montreal.

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Chocolats Favoris is an artisinal chocolate shop that originally opened in 1979 right here in Quebec! You can put all your cotton candy and chocolate dreams in their hands and it will 514% be amazing.

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They are located between Downtown Montreal and the old port on 150 rue Ste Catherine Ouest local 276a and they are open every day from 9:30-11PM. So, if you a cotton candy smoothie to start your day, now you can!

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They say that clouds are made of cotton candy, well now your smoothies are too! Oh, and the best part is that you can even get cotton candy on your ice cream from Chocolats Favoris.

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