You Can Now Get Drunk While Ice Fishing In Montreal

Photo Cred - Montreal In Pictures

You may not have known, but today is a big day for Montreal, in terms of drinking while enjoying winter. No longer are you relegated to getting tipsy and tobaganning or skating, as on this Wednesday, January 14th, the Old Port's Ice Fishing Village officially opens, where you can freely bring booze, within reason.

Set up just next to the Clock Tower Quay, the Ice Fishing Village is a whole minor-hamlet of heated cabins. All the requirements needed to ice fish are provided (including poles and licenses) so all you need to bring along are a few friends a few brews.

You are allowed to bring both alcohol and food to the Ice Fishing Village, at no extra cost. Obviously you can't bring a whole turkey and three handles of vodka, but you are totally allowed to bring a reasonable amount of either.

Experience a new side of winter fun at the Ice Fishing Village which opens today for the winter season. To get the opening hours and rates, head to the Facebook page and official website here.

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