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You Can Now Get "Espresso Ice Cream Floats" At McDonald's In Montreal

When two delicious ingredients collide- meet the Affogato.
You Can Now Get "Espresso Ice Cream Floats" At McDonald's In Montreal

McDonald's is always inventing and experimenting with new treats (milkshakes, pies, cookies and croissants), or reinventing and adding a twist to their longtime favourite classics. Recently, they have added bagel sandwiches to their menu and they also have desserts on their "secret menu" such as: the McCrepe, pie McFlurry, Caramel Apple Sundae, and Ice Cream Sandwich. 

I don't know about you, but my mouth is watering just thinking of all these yummy treats! My personal favourite is the M&M McFlurry and their coffee. 

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Speaking of ice cream and coffee, Montreal is now serving this delicious treat- named the Affogato which is made out of their soft serve vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso. The perfect blend between hot and cold, and subtle and intense. This treat is fantastic for the summer- cold ice cream with some added caffeine. Forget your regular morning coffee and opt for something different instead. 

This tasty treat has been around for awhile though, since about 2015 McDonald's decided to debut this take on an Italian classic to their McCafe menu. 

We know of at least one McDonalds that is serving this delicious treat- on the corner of Mackay and Saint-Catherine's Street

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You'll be ahead of the game when you order this refreshing treat, so get yours today! 

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