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You Can Now Get "Free Donuts" In Montreal

You 'donut' want to miss this.
You Can Now Get "Free Donuts" In Montreal

Guys, this is not a drill!! I know how much we love our donut holes here in Canada. Tim Horton's started the originals with their Timbits, Mr. Puffs in Montreal started their own gourmet version and now we have an all new donut hole shop that just opened up. 

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This amazing new donut shop is actually offering FREE DONUTS this weekend in Montreal! 

via @rocknrollbarber

This spot is called Boule Boule and it's located at 1678 Mont-Royal Av. E and they're serving up some delicious treats. 

For their Grand Opening this weekend from Friday, August 11th until Sunday, August 13th their offering free tasting all weekend long! 

via @spookyxbunny

They serve some delicious flavours like their vanilla glazed with sprinkles, chocolate truffle with raspberry or coconut, cinnamon sugar, chocolate hazelnut and even their Quebecoise, which is a poutine with donut holes! 

via @bouleboulemtl

via @blindedbyfood

With a coupon that you can pick up at the counter in-store you can receive a full box of Boule Boule donuts for FREE all weekend long! 

The best thing is? No purchase is required for this coupon, they're just giving them out! 

via @bouleboulemtl

Watch the video promoting all the amazing flavours available for free this weekend! 

 Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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