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You Can Now Get Giant "Nutella Stuffed Donuts" In Montreal

Literally exploding with flavour!
You Can Now Get Giant "Nutella Stuffed Donuts" In Montreal

I know how much we all love our Nutella here in Montreal. Honestly, all the best desserts have Nutella in them and if it doesn't, well, what's the point in that? 

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Nutella just adds a flavour that's so chocolate-y with a mix of hazelnut flavour that makes it so much better than regular chocolate! If you read my recent article on the Nutella Donut Milkshakes, I'm sure you'll be excited about this new treat!

This cafe makes the most amazing looking Nutella stuffed donuts and they're massive!! 

via @sangennaromtl

via @foodalicious.mtl

It's an Italian dessert called a Bombolone, which is basically a filled donut and it's served at Cafe San Gennaro located in Montreal's Mile Ex area!

These donuts are literally exploding with Nutella and they look insanely delicious. The best part is? They only cost $2.50 each!

via @foodiesmtl

They come in both a Nutella stuffing and a different pastry cream flavours, giving you a variety of kinds to choose from!

via @sangennaromtl

This cafe also offers tons of other unreal food and desserts like their homemade pizzas, biscotti, gelato, amazing coffee, obviously, and so much more! 

via @maiight

Check out theirwebsite for more information. 

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