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You Can Now Get Giant "Toast Towers" In Montreal

You're going to 'loaf' these!
You Can Now Get Giant "Toast Towers" In Montreal

Montreal has so many amazing things going for it, we're home to amazing festivals in the summertime, super fun nightlife every single weekend, the Habs obviously, and amazing foods like smoked meat sandwiches and Montreal bagels! 

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But what this city is really becoming known for is it's super innovative foods and desserts! The chefs and restaurants in this city have started becoming so creative with foods we've taken it to a whole new level. 

Now, there's something even more amazing here: giant toast towers! 

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This is called a honey toast tower and it's available at Chicha Restaurant in Montreal's Westmount area! 

This amazing dish is basically a bunch of toasted cubes of bread piled high and topped with a giant scoop of ice cream, berries and cinnamon! 

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This restaurant serves tons of beloved Asian foods like chicken Katsu, peanut butter dumplings, layered matcha cake, and more! 

Their food and desserts all look seriously delicious so I know this is going to be your go-to spot from now on. 

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Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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