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You Can Now Get "Gold Facials" In Montreal

24 karat magic on your face.
You Can Now Get "Gold Facials" In Montreal

Women will go to great lengths to be beautiful. Which is probably why there are so many weird and unusual beauty treatments out there.

There are treatments done with milk, caviar, bird poop, hemorrhoid cream and even human placenta. Here in Montreal you can easily find places to do Vampire boob jobs and facials. And if that's too weird for you, you can always opt for a relaxing belgian chocolate baths

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But now there's an even crazier (and fancier) facial you can treat yourself to a luxurious 24k gold facial. 

It starts with a foot bath, followed by a foot and leg massage, and 2 skin care treatments. You can get the regular treatment for $175 or you can opt for the gold leaf treatment for $250.

If this sounds like something you might want to treat yourself to, check out Dr. Hauschka's website for more information.  

Dr. Hauschka Spa

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