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Photo cred - @seasoneddreams

Get ready Montreal because all your poutine dreams are about to come true. A catering company called Seasoned Dreams (seriously how awesome is that name) is having a poutine delivery showdown this Friday, February 27th. From 1:00pm until supplies run out you'll be able to get 2 special poutines delivered right to your door so that you can pin them against each other and judge for yourself which one is the best.

The poutines involved are the Jerk Chicken Poutine and the Portuguese Chicken Poutine, both have original gravy and off course chicken. For pickup or Delivery call 514-769-2222, they are located at 5205 Angers and each poutine costs $12.

As the company says: We are all dreamers in some shape or fashion, add a little seasoning and watch them all come through.

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