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You Can Now Get "Korean Seafood Poutines" In Montreal

Epic flavours!
You Can Now Get "Korean Seafood Poutines" In Montreal

Montreal is the poutine capital of the world and they have just upped the game with a Korean seafood styled poutine. Yup, this poutine has it all! From fries to noodles and cheese to clams, you can expect nothing but a flavor explosion.

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GaNaDaRa has become a very popular restaurant in Montreal thanks to their classic Korean food with a modern flare. They have a killer menu chalk full of fun dishes that is 514% worth the wait!

Image may contain: foodVia Restaurant GaNaDaRa

Their Korean styled poutine is a mix of seafood, noodles, fries, beef, and chicken that pairs perfectly with their chill vibes. GaNaDaRa is located on 1862 Boul. de Maisonneuve making it easy for you too pick up a poutine the next time you are downtown!

Image may contain: one or more people, food and indoorVia Restaurant GaNaDaRa

GaNaDaRa is a popular spot among students in Montreal so if you don't feel like going inside to pick up a poutine, you can simply order from their house since they now deliver! This is 514% a poutine that needs to go on your foodie bucke list.

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