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You Can Now Get "Lavender Ice Cream" In Quebec

Heaven in a cup.
You Can Now Get "Lavender Ice Cream" In Quebec

My new favourite thing this summer has been lavender flavoured ice cream. Every ice cream shop I go into that has this flavour available I have to get it because it's honestly so delicious, and who doesn't love an adorable cup light purple coloured ice cream? 

via @amelie.barbeau

Wellll, I've got some amazing news for all the lavender lovers like myself out there: you can now get lavender soft serve ice cream super close to Montreal! 

It's available at La Maison Lavande this summer and it looks simply scrumptious. It's located just a 43 minute drive from Montreal, making the perfectly short summer road trip, with a sweet reward waiting for you at the end!

via @leaudh

via @mep07

This lavender farm is also incredibly beautiful to explore. You can walk through the rows of these fresh-smelling flowers, buy some bundles to go, and sit in their purple chairs and enjoy your purple ice cream! 

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