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You Can Now Get "Lentil Churros" In Montreal

A 'lentil' bit delicious.
You Can Now Get "Lentil Churros" In Montreal

There's been some crazy food trends going around the city lately like the bubble waffles, the donut smoothies, the lavender ice cream and soooo many more! 

Finding these crazy food trends are what make my job so much fun. I love exploring Instagram to find the coolest new food creations that the amazing chefs in Montreal are coming up with. 

The newest crazy food trend I found are these Lentil Churros, and it might sound a bit weird but they actually look super delicious! 

via @randolphmontreal

They're from Randolph's Board Game Bar at 6505 Rue des Écores and you've got to try them ASAP! They have two locations in Montreal, one in Rosemont at the address above and one on Saint Denis at 2041 St Denis St

via @carrier.alexandre

These "Lentil Churros" are falafel churros madewith lentils, topped with tahini yogurt sauce, Zaatar spices, fresh tomatoes and olive oil. That sounds pretty magical to me!

It's totally unique to make a savoury churro out of something like lentils, so if you're into trying new things and exploring the foodie scene of Montreal, you should definitely add this one to your bucket list! 

via @randolphmontreal

Randolph's also makes tons of other delicious foods like their bucket of fried chicken, cheese sticks, poutine, steamies and so much more! 

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