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You Can Now Get "Light Bulb" Bubble Tea In Montreal

Now that's a bright idea.
You Can Now Get "Light Bulb" Bubble Tea In Montreal

There's some amazing new creations happening in Montreal right now in the foodie scene and it's super impressive! I'm having no problems at all finding cool things to share with you guys lately. 

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One of the newest food trends is drinking out of light bulbs. A lot of people are calling this trend way too "hipster" but I honestly think it's pretty cool! Why not enjoy the drinks you usually love in a new way once in a while? 

via @jiajingshen1988

This amazing creation is made right here in Montreal at Zoe Dessert in the heart of downtown! They make their bubble teas in adorable light bulbs and they're super popular right now. 

via @charleneshzhang

You can choose from amazing flavours like Mango, Honeydew Milk Tea, Passionfruit, Litchi, Peach and so many more! All available in the large light bulb size. 

via @__nida.neko

This adorable dessert shop is also home to some other unreal dessert trends like their bubble waffle ice cream cones: 

via @babykyoko

And their layered matcha cake: 

via @gallant.c.chinese

So if you find yourself in the downtown area looking for some amazing desserts, this is the place you need to go! 

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