You Can Now Get 'Lobster Cones' In Montreal

This will definitely float your boat!
You Can Now Get 'Lobster Cones' In Montreal

If you happen to just ADORE lobster, then this "lobster cone" will complete your life! It is exploding all over Montreal and you might say that it's more popular than the doughnut ice cream cones!  Some call it a lobster horn , but when I read the name "lobster cone" my mind was blown as summer flashed before my eyes.

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I first came across the lobster cone at First Friday (Montreal's largest gathering of food trucks) and I thought that I had reached heaven and it tasted like lobster. However, this food truck doesn't just disappear after the festival, it is a permanent moving restaurant in both Montreal and Laval.

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Gaspésie Food Truck is a classic and popular destination in Montreal that specializes in their insane variety of Gaspésie gastronomy. However, what you may not have known is that they also make the lobster cone! 

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They are located in various locations but you can usually find them near Parc Champetre on 4456 st-catherine est. However, I suggest following their Instagram for location updates! So, if you want a lobster cone at 3 AM you can get it.

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Lobster cones are often served in gourmet restaurants, but they are small and simply made with a thin crust. However, in Montreal you will find these lobster cones to be HUGE and the cone itself made out of a thick bagel like dough! There are a variety of ways to make these cones of fun and it is actually pretty simple that they even have shrimp cones and crab cones OH MY!

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