You Can Now Get 12 Long-stem Doritos "Ketchup Roses" Delivered To You For Free

Valentine's Day means three things: love, chocolate and bouquets of flowers.

But let's face it, flowers are boring, and they die way too fast. If you're going to spend money on bouquet, you might as well get something original.

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There are already a few weird bouquets out there:

But none are as delicious as the Doritos Bouquet.

via @revtlee

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Doritos Canada has created bouquet of Ketchup flavored Doritos. And the best part is, they're free!

It's quite possibly the most romantic gift you could ever give to someone.

Be sure to check your address on their website to see if they can deliver to your area.

Quantities are limited, but if they're sold out by the time you get there, keep checking the page, because there will be more available soon.

Click here to order your Doritos bouquet.