You Can Now Get Montreal's Romados Chicken Wherever You Are In Quebec

Tears of joy? Tears of joy.

Friends, finals season is upon is. The papers are piling up. The stress is building. What, other than a break, can we all use? Food. Food and some good news.

And luckily for you, I've got both of those things, right here in this post. I was surfing Facebook earlier, and I stumbled upon this nugget of great news: the moist, delicious, grilled Portuguese chicken from Romados will now be available for you to get, whenever you crave it, at any IGA location in Quebec.

No more trekking to the Plateau to enjoy your favourite Portuguese chicken, my friends, because now all it'll take is a visit to your local IGA. I know. I'm freaking out, too.

Of course, this awesome news comes from a post on Romados' Facebook. You can check it out for yourselves right here:

Posted by Romados on Thursday, 3 December 2015

*Squeals with glee*

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